A photo of Madeehah, the freelance content writer

About Me

I’ve been writing since I can remember. It’s a cliche, but I have the stacks of notebooks and journals to prove it. For me, writing is a way to both explore and escape the world, to illuminate and understand.

I’m a published author of short stories and essays, and have also completed a Masters in Creative Writing. As you can see, I love writing! 

I’ve been working in the healthcare industry for nearly ten years but I’ve been fascinated by science for much longer. It’s the foundation for why I chose pharmacy as a profession: we learn from basic scientific principles and work our way up to treat the patient in front of us. My work as a pharmacist gives me the privilege to understand people who are often at their most vulnerable. This is the same empathy I weave throughout my writing and the lens through which I view scientific research.

I began freelance writing as a way to combine my interests and deliver a service that will benefit a wider audience.

If you think our values match up, feel free to drop me a message!

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